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Society for Art Education of Korea

The Society for Art Education of Korea is the largest academic society in the country. Its objective is to research on general art education in Korea, in subjects such as painting, sculpture, design, crafts, calligraphy, photography, animation, materials, colors, arts kindergarten art and child art, study of aesthetics, and art history. Founded on April 1, 1984, the Society is the oldest of all domestic societies and organizations related to art, and is currently registered with the Ministry of Education and Korea Research Foundation as a member of the Korean Association of Academic Societies. In December 2004, the Society published a collection of research papers titled ‘Art Education’, which was recognized for its scholastic value and became the registered scholarly periodical of the Korea Research Foundation. As of 2005, professors from over 50 universities in Korea and overseas are registered members of the Society, with a total membership of 300 that includes teachers from kindergarten, elementary, junior and senior high schools. The libraries of over 20 universities nationwide are registered members, including Hongik Univ., Sookmyung Women’s Univ, Gyeongin National Univ. of Education, Pusan National Univ. of Education, Hanyang Univ., and Korea National Univ. of Education. The Society for Art Education of Korea promises you that we will continue our efforts for the advancement of all academic education, including art education in Korea.

The Korean Society for Culture and Art Education Studies

The Korean Society for Culture and Art Education Studies is a network of researchers seeking to research culture and art through the humanities and other academic fields. It aims to become a forum for the self-learning and debate of many researchers working to lead discussions on the theories, policies, and execution of culture and art education in Korea.

Korean Art Therapy Association

Established in 1992, the Korean Art Therapy Association has a total of about 15,000 members, of which 6,200 are regular members actively engaged in its activities. As such, it is Korea’s top art therapy society. About 1,000 experts practice art therapy at various places in the local society and are leading the spread of such programs. In particular, the journal Art Therapy Research, which the society publishes for six times a year, has been selected for registration with the National Research Foundation of Korea in 2007, and is contributing to the expansion of the academic base of art therapy.

Korean Elementary Art Education Association

Established in 1984 as the Elementary Art Education Association by professors of art education in colleges in Korea, it was later launched again as the Korean Colleges of Education’s Art Education Association to develop theoretical and empirical researches on various aspects of art education. The association’s name was then changed to the Korean Elementary Art Education Association and steadily achieved much research on art education that its Journal of Art Education came to be registered.

Korea Art Education Association

The Korea Art Education Association was established on January 21, 1992, with the aim to engage in wide-range theoretical research pertinent to art education, not only for the academic development of the field but also for the improvement of the quality of art education in elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as in other educational institutions. The association is composed of professors, researchers, teachers, and education experts academically and practically interested in art education. The association holds annual academic conferences and publishes a journal to bolster both theoretical and empirical researches on art education so that its members would mutually develop and raise awareness on the importance of art education throughout the society. The association is registered as a member of the Korean Ministry of Education, the Korea Research Foundation, and the Korean Association of Academic Societies. Internationally, it is exchanging with the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA), the National Art Education Association (NAEA) of the United States, and The Japan Association of Universities of Education.

Korean Association of Arts Management

Korean Art Teachers’ Research Association

The Korea Art Teachers’ Research Association(KATRA), established in 1990, is a nation-wide art teachers' research group in South Korea.
KATRA is focused on building effective governance developing practices in the field of art education through doing a wide range of studies and sharing art class experiences.
KATRA is carrying out studies on various subjects, in order to narrow the gap between art class and educational policies. Current studies focus on preparing for the future reunification of Korea, developing courses and evaluation methods, as well as improving art-teaching systems and art college entrance exams.
Also, KATRA has accumulated professional experiences and knowledge by working in various art education-related fields, communicating with international societies and holding annual exhibitions of members' art works and teacher-student joint exhibitions.