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Join the InSEA 2017 Selfie Project! :A Virtual Exhibition of/for/by the InSEA 2017 Participants

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InSEA 2017 Selfie Project: A Virtual Exhibition of/for/by the InSEA2017 Participants

This project is inspired by Tom Anderson’s Socially Conscious Selfie Project in 2015. The purpose of InSEA2017 selfie project is to share your thoughts and to show a comprehensive picture of community participating on this conference.

How to attend
During the period of InSEA2017 World Congress, take a selfie everyday and upload it to your personal Instagram with a word that represents your day and with #selfie_insea.

“My assumption is that the collective images and statements will give us a fairly comprehensive picture of community and the concerns at least of the community participating on this site. Also having the potential top contribute to this community construction is a blog discussion board, on which I hope you will engage in dialogue with each other particularly about how this site can promote activity that addresses and goes beyond (the typical?) narcissistic and myopic imagery associated with selfies.”

- Dr. Tom Anderson -


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