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About Registration] It takes at least a week to approve the application for InSEA member.

  • NameInSEA 2017 Secretariat
  • Date2017-06-30 16:29:43
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Greetings from InSEA 2017 Secretariat!

If you join InSEA member, It takes at least a week to approve the application.
In this case, you can not register by Early-bird registration fee because its' deadline is Today (June 30, 2017).

Please make the registration for InSEA 2017 as a Non-member (Registered participants as Non-member of InSEA World Congress 2017 (InSEA 2017) will be joined the InSEA member) or you have to make registration by standard registration fee.

Please refer that we mentioned above!

Best Regards,
InSEA 2017 Secrerariat
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